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February's Resiliency Challenge!

Resilience is the process of adapting healthfully to difficult life situations. It is said that resilient people are self-reliant and able to "bounce back" from times of crisis. When we develop our resiliency, we are more able to accept uncertainty, challenge adversity, and adapt in positives ways.

We have all had times where our resilience is tested. For some of us, we might presently be experiencing difficult times. It is important to acknowledge and validate the struggles and vulnerabilities that exist for people whose resiliency is being challenged. In such times, feelings of grief and loss are common.

We want to start this month by exploring grief and its place in relation to resiliency. Keep in mind that grief is inclusive of far more than death and dying and everyone experiences grief, so our resources will help you to understand how grief and resiliency are connected, as well as you can build upon you level of resiliency. 

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