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April's Challenge

We are now in April 2023 and it has now been a few YEARS of managing our personal and professional lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have all experienced a stressful shift, or even a stressful month, prior to the pandemic. After a year of increased stress, isolation, and uncertainty - now is the time to really self-evaluate. 

How have you been coping - did you discover inner peace through daily meditations or has a good laugh at 0200 TikToks been your go-to strategy?  There is no judgment here and we have been doing and seeing it all!  

Taking care of our mental wellness is imperative in this novel environment. Whether it is isolation (missing human connection), working long hours, or fearing for our families, research has shown that COVID-19 has impacted our mental wellness.


Are the coping mechanisms you implemented last year still working for you today? Healthy coping mechanisms like going to the gym or even spending time with family have become increasingly challenging and even impossible.  

April's challenge is going to get things organized and into focus - starting with where you are today. Take the time to consider what hurdles lie ahead and consider strategies that may help alleviate some of their burdens.

Everyone will differ in what they need, but planning ahead will certainly set you in the right direction. Step one: Assess yourself. Step two: Prioritize your mental wellness. If you have a physical ailment you might take a medication, for your mental health try taking a coping mechanism

Let's take care of ourselves and each other!


Mental Health Meter
Where are you currently? 

Make a plan and have some fun!

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