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November's Wellness Challenge!

First, assess your wellness!

This is a special month full of unique wellness ideas that can get overlooked due to shiftwork, changes in weather, and the relentless pandemic. Fear not -- your MHPPG is here to help!

The first exercise is a Benefits Challenge. Benefits such as massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and so on, are often under-utilized by many of us. This challenge gives you more information on nurses' benefits and provides you with a little added encouragement to use them. ;)

Because financial worries can significantly impact our health and wellness, we created Exercise 2 as our Financial Challenge. This is a worthwhile challenge regardless of your present age or income level. We think it will help with your future health and happiness too. 

Exercise 3 was created to challenge nurses to a Social Media Mindfulness Digital Detox because in today's digital age, this can prove tricky, and there are significant health benefits attributed to reduced screen time.

Lastly, for Exercise 4 we wanted to hone in on our wellness toolbox and challenge nurses to develop their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (and that's a WRAP)!

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