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September's Challenge is for You to Start Fresh With Your Self-Care Regime!

Firstly, in order to practice self-care, we need to understand the concept, determine where we fit in, and identify ways in which to pursue it. To do so, the first week of the month is to get informed, take time to self-reflect, and work towards simplifying our lives in order to make enough time and space for new self-care activities. Week 1 is for preparing for our Fresh Start. We chose to focus on simplifying our physical spaces given that most of us are having to spend more and more time in our homes, and for some of us, that means working there too.
Next, we need to set personal goals that are manageable and realistic. Weeks 2 and 3 will focus on creating personalized self-care goals and begin to work them into a routine by planning and practicing them. Undoubtedly there will be hurdles, but like any new endeavour, we can expect these challenges and work to overcome them.
During the final week of September, as we continue to practice our self-care goals, we want to hear from you! Connecting with one another and sharing our experiences is as helpful to others as it can be for ourselves. Consider the following questions: What has been easy for you to incorporate into your lifestyle? Has there been any setbacks? How can you continue to move forward with your new self-care practices? There are many of us in similar situations, so keep in mind that part of this year’s kick-off month is to be vulnerable, united, and proud to share in our difficulties and our triumphs too. 

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